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A Tube Fly Vice

Gray's Needle Tube Vice is no longer available but I have left this page for those who may wish to make their own vice. The essential component is a pin vice of appropriate size. These are widely available online and can be fitted to a suitable adaptor, similar to that shown here.

Gray's Needle Tubes will continue to be available online at Grays of Kilsyth


Gray's Needle Tubes were introduced in 2008. Developed and manufactured in Scotland by Grays of Kilsyth, these fine stainless steel tubes are the slimmest plastic lined metal fly tubes ever produced commercially for fly tying. Their introduction posed a slight problem however .... Most conventional fly tying tubes, be they plastic, copper, brass or aluminium, have outside diameters greater than two millimetres and, consequently, most tube fly vices are not designed to hold tubes of much less then this diameter. Grays Needle Tubes have outside diameters of 1.5 mm and 1.8 mm and very few fly tying vices can accommodate such ultra slim tubes efficiently. So a dedicated Needle Tube Fly Vice was developed, which might be conveniently fitted to most standard fly tying table clamps or bases, to facilitate the dressing of tube flies on needle tubes and other very fine fly tying tubes.

The Needle Tube Vice

The needle tube fly vice, designed for Grays of Kilsyth by Dave Wallbridge, is simple and uncomplicated, yet very effective. It is designed to be fitted to the table clamp or weighted base of most standard fly tying vices. It consists of three components, as shown in the photograph to the right - a 200 mm long stainless steel shaft with an outside diameter of 8mm; a pin vice which can hold securely very small tubes of less than 1.5mm diameter; an aluminium adaptor to secure the pin vice to the upright shaft, which in turn should be fitted to the kind of clamp or base which is supplied with most standard fly tying vices. The adaptor, with its knurled thumbscrews, also allows the vice to be rotated through 360 degrees at any time during the tying of the tube fly, without the need to loosen the tube in the vice.

A new vice head for use with Grays Needle Tube Vice

Since the introduction of the Needle Tube Vice there was some demand for a second vice head which would accept metal fly tying tubes of the conventional size and type, for example the traditional type of copper, brass and aluminium tubes of between 2.5 mm and 3 mm in diameter, and which could be fitted to the Needle Tube Vice. In response to this demand, a standard tube fly vice head, shown in the photograph to the right, has been added, which is now available as an optional accessory for anyone purchasing, or who has already purchased, Gray's Needle Tube Fly Vice.

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